Marketing high-technology: outsourcing benefits

Generally speaking, the basic principles of outsourcing apply when outsourcing high-tech marketing; the company obtains outside expert knowledge without the cost of a full-time hiring, as well as supplement staff for tactical (non-core) activities and projects. When done correctly, outsourcing presents the following benefits:

   Cost Savings

Lower costs have always been the primary reason for outsourcing. Direct savings are made by the cost difference in salaries, benefits, and operational expenses; indirect cost savings are often derived from the client's ability to focus on its core R&D activities.


Outsourcing gives you access to knowledge that you might have to develop inside your company for way too long. Instead of trying to build a solid internal high-tech marketing department, you can obtain expert consulting and also outsource tactical functions or statistics analysis from a specialized provider.


Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to flexibly manage your resources, capacity and staff. You can manage your marketing plans based on a certain number of hours, project or any other type of commitment.

Please note: It is important to understand that not all marketing activities are viable for outsourcing without the proper due diligence, for example, some direct customer engagements for market intelligence where confidential material is being shared. Also, a reasonable amount of direct company's resources must always allocate time to strategic marketing activities, otherwise key customer feedback and field knowledge can be lost or ignored.


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