Ministry uncovers 1,802 Youth Protection Act violations

패션 2023-10-02 08:15:49 873

More than 1,800 breaches of the country’s Youth Protection Act were found during a nationwide government inspection of downtown areas to examine whether operations met requirements.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family said Friday it had detected 1,802 violations of the act, and that it had asked the local governments responsible to investigate 65 of those cases and issued corrective orders for the rest.

The inspection was conducted from July 17 until Aug. 18 at places such as beaches and camping sites to check whether their operations were in line with the legal requirements for minors. The crackdown was also aimed at inspecting the sale of harmful substances to young adolescents, such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Of the total, 1,328 restaurants were caught breaking the law, followed by 139 convenience stores, 80 karaoke rooms and 66 bars with entertainment.

Violations were also detected at eight "room cafes," which are ostensibly lounges for socializing, but often have private rooms equipped with televisions and mattresses.

The ministry said it had visited 18,603 places across the country that are required to ban minors, to inform and educate them on the Youth Protection Act so they would no longer wrongfully allow underage youths in or offer them age-restricted products.




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