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Case Study: Hardware and Equipment Vertical

Company profile – Fortune 500 semiconductor company that designs and manufactures analog technologies, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontrollers (MCU).

   Established in 1930, revenues in 2008: $12.5 billion
   R&D budget for 2008: $1.94 billion
   Over 36,000 patents issued worldwide

Business situation – In order to align with its analog-focused marketing strategy worldwide, the company needed a fast marketing deployment to increase awareness and demand creation in Latin America.

Marketing challenge – Leverage existing fixed regional budgets to cover broader audiences and territories with a robust online solution focused in remote trainings and brand awareness.

Solution – After clearly defining goals and metrics with certified methodologies, MarCom Logix proposed a full-service webinar and online advertising program that could offer clear and measurable results as well as a defined ROI.

Benefits – By transitioning a percentage of face-to-face seminars to the web, our customer was able to save over $50k in logistics, travel and lodging expenses required to reach the same amount of qualified prospects in the same countries. Sales inquiries increased in double digits for the year and direct brand awareness reinforced through the use of new media technologies for reaching customers.

Services used -
   Online webinar platform with desktop sharing, video and live chat
   MarCom Logix’s 20,000 high-tech contacts database in Latin America
   Certified high-tech marketing methodologies
   Creative web design and programming for webinar landing pages

Case Study: Scientific Software and Services Vertical

Company profile – Leading product development software solutions such as electrical CAD tools, mechanical CAD tools, consulting services, training and technical support.

   Founded in 1989, revenues: $25 to $50 million yearly
   Employees: 100 - 250
   Privately held corporation

Business situation – While developing its international expansion plans, the company needed a complete assessment of a key country where the majority of its target accounts where expanding R&D activities.

Marketing challenge – Develop a market research plan, including finding and contacting key business executives in chambers, government, associations and trade shows targeting embedded design engineers.

Solution – MarCom Logix used its powerful social networking services to reach the right decision makers in the industry, not only connecting the company with the right contacts and industry events, but also located and worked with a perfect-match rep to co-deliver a business plan proposal with target accounts, territories, revenues and investments.

Benefits – By outsourcing market research activities, our customer was able to save over $30k in logistics, travel and lodging expenses required to reach the same amount of stakeholders in the countries. Initial prospect engagements produced first direct-sales in the territory.

Services used -
   Social networking and international high-tech contacts
   High-tech marketing sales forecasting methodologies
   Event marketing, creative web design

Case Study: Telecom and Industrial Vertical

Company profile – leading manufacturer of high quality cable technology, thermocouples and cable harnessing as well as 1500 custom designed products worldwide for the robotics and automation industry.

   Founded in 1947, revenues: $100 to $250 million yearly
   Employees: 350 - 500
   Privately held corporation

Business situation – The company needed a complete marketing strategy to transition customer awareness towards their product’s superior technology and rough environments resistance vs their main competitor.

Marketing challenge – Integrate direct benchmarking capabilities throughout product pages in website for easy cross-reference vs corresponding positioned products from the competition.

Solution – Through a custom web development in PHP and MySQL, MarCom Logix was able not only to integrate a benchmarking comparison tool vs corresponding competitor’s products, but also to connect directly to the company’s warehouse and display real-time availability in stock for the selected product. Naturally, the launch of the tool was accompanied by a full launch campaign in newsletters, brochures, datasheets and others.

Benefits – By launching a non-biased technical specs comparison online tool, the company was able to raise awareness of low-performance in highly-priced competing products. Online sales orders increment exceeded quarterly expectations in the projected period.

Services used -
   Marketing automation
   Custom PHP & MySQL development
   Creative web design

Case Study: Clusters and Associations Vertical

Company profile – Electronics industry chamber with over 800 members who’s mission is to develop qualified suppliers for manufacturing electronic components and sub-assemblies.

   Founded in 1997
   Employees: 25 - 50
   Members include HP, IBM, Intel, Foxconn and Jabil

Business situation – While training suppliers in highly certified manufacturing processes and best practices, the chamber detected the need to help their members connect excess inventories and RFQs with potential buyers and suppliers.

Marketing challenge – Unleash the power of possible business connections between members of the chamber through the use of database integration and custom web development.

Solution – MarCom Logix developed a business connections portal in order to match 800 buyers and suppliers according to different industry categories and specific excess inventories and RFQs. In addition to this, integrate the same matching capabilities to the chamber’s buyers and suppliers 1 day business meetings event.

Benefits – Through the use of our online solution, over 1,200 business connections and meetings where achieved during in the first year. The chamber successfully positioned its added value to its members and key role in developing manufacturing in the Electronic, Automotive, Medical and Aerospace industries.

Services used -
   Custom PHP, MySQL web database system integration
   Creative design and project management
   Marketing automation and logistics outsourcing

Case Study: Reps and Distributors Vertical

Company profile – Leading multi-channel, high-service electronics distributor supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals globally. The company serves a global customer base of more than 2 million contacts worldwide, stocks in excess of 400,000 electronic products and represents 3,500 manufacturer brands.

   Founded in 1940, revenues: $800 million in 2008
   Employees: 4,000
   Number of countries with offices: 24

Business situation – Being product availability and shipment in a 24hr maximum time period one of the key commitments of the company to its customers, a visual interactive collateral was needed to build awareness and positioning for the company.

Marketing challenge – Create an interactive multimedia animation that allows customers to be guided step-by-step in the process of making an order and the moment that the product arrives at its location.

Solution – A complete online multimedia animation was developed to simulate a user placing an order and the distributor’s staff receiving the order in the warehouse. Through the animation, it was clear how the order is processed, shipped and cleared in less than 24 hours total. The online animation was promoted with a full-scale launch in all the selected territories through e-mail newsletters and online banners in selected vertical media.

Benefits – Through a clear and compelling graphical multimedia production, our customer was able to better position its 24 hour promise to its customers and orders increased for the selected launch quarter, thus obtaining a clear ROI on the marketing strategy.

Services used -
   Creative design and animated multimedia production
   Online video optimization
   Email marketing and vertical media management


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