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We speak high-tech and are experts in its complex marketing so you can save time, focus on your product and ensure successful product launches. By integrating new media technologies that generate fast product adoption for your launches we ensure you secure a leading position in your industry.

Very simple, we focus on our customer needs:

   Our customers can't wait for generic marketing agencies to surpass the learning curve involved in marketing high-tech; they need to save time and resources.

   Our customers don't consider strategic to grow over-head costs in tactical marketing, they need to focus in growing market share and support sales.

   Our customers look for best practices and certifications from their providers to leverage their growth, avoid reworks and accelerate commercialization.

Industry certifications

There are many recognized organizations that have documented word-class industry standards for technology product marketing and management. In order to leverage our customer's resources through our expertise, our company has invested in certifications for our management team from organizations such as the Association of International Product Marketing and Management.

Documented processes

It is widely known that un-documented processes can cause resources leakages and reworks. This is also true in marketing departments. Our value proposition is to help our customers save time and resources by having all our processes documented and managing timesheets, Gantt charts, flow diagrams and other industry accepted standards.


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