Marketing high-technology: outsourcing drawbacks

Outsourcing your processes could be a real benefit to your company; however it is important to consider some drawbacks and potential risks of not having your own in-house marketing department:

   Operational problems

Operating part of your activities effectively is challenging, even more when there is a considerable geographic distance, time zone differences and just a few or non face-to-face communication.

   Delivery compliance

By using external sources, you trust someone else to do part of your processes and to deliver a certain quantity and quality of work that you may not receive in time or budget.

   Information leaks

Setting up outsourced operations also exposes you and your information if the service provider doesn't have the appropriate NDAs and security policies in place with employees and contractors.

   Negative perception

Within your environment there might be employees, clients and partners who don't see outsourcing as benefit to the community because by not having in-house personnel you won't be generating direct jobs within your company and therefore decreasing its value.


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