Netflix to release ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ in November

건강 2023-12-03 09:22:55 21

Global streaming service Netflix has announced the release of “Daily Dose of Sunshine," a heartwarming new drama, in early November.

Adapted from a 2017 webtoon series of the same title by author Lee Ra-ha, the show presents the story of a young nurse named Jung Da-eun, who is moved from an internal medicine department to a psychiatric clinic.

Based on the author’s real-life experiences, the series shows how Da-eun adapts to the new job, unfamiliar patients and work environment. It portrays how people inside and outside of the mental health clinic heal their emotional wounds.

The 12-part series is helmed by director Lee Jae-kyoo, who was behind popular Korean zombie series “All of Us Are Dead” (2022).

It is South Korean actor Park Bo-young's first project for a streaming service in her 18-year acting career. She will play mental health clinic nurse Da-eun in the upcoming series.

Meanwhile, the original webtoon series, which is available on Naver Webtoon, came to an end with a total of 199 episodes on Oct. 23, 2022.

Netflix’s “Daily Dose of Sunshine” is scheduled to premiere Nov. 3.




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