Marketing high-technology: outsourcing model

Our customers have very different needs and their products are in a different position in the TALC phases, we develop specific plans depending on requirements and budget.

   Specific Project

We can set a specific amount of hours to match a fixed time table for a definite period of time and budget for your project.

   Dedicated resources

Excellent professionals can be assigned to work in-house or remote as fulltime or part-time in your company with the skills and experience you need.

   Management & Consulting

By dividing tasks between your management and ours we can handle part of your marketing management processes along with event logistics, marketing content, training, support and much more.

MarCom Logix is very flexible and we can set-up different models to adapt to your needs. In our services section, we will provide you with a better idea of what our lines of business are and how we can start building the best solution for your high-tech products and brand.


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