Marketing high-technology: should you be outsourcing?

As it is natural for our line of business, it would be expected that our answer is yes. Nevertheless, this is a question that requires a serious analysis within your company. In general, key strategic decisions should be maintained in-house, aided only with expert consulting when necessary. Tactical marketing operations such as web content and creative services are typically outsourced.

We would like to present you with some guidelines to help you evaluate your options. Typically, projects that are very swiftly outsourced in high-tech marketing are projects that:

   Can be done in a remote location and managed from your own location.
   Need an experienced marketer familiarized with high-tech product launches.
   Require a certain level of flexibility in terms of staffing.
   Are distracting from your core business.
   Require certified methodologies and flexible plans that fit your budget.

If you have similar needs, outsourcing is an option to consider. Our experts team is available to analyze your situation and provide our recommendations towards your specific project.

In the next section you can find a description of the services we offer and how we use our knowledge and expertise to build custom marketing solutions for our customers.


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