Opposition party leader ends 24

예술 2023-10-02 08:41:01 88394

Opposition leader Lee Jae-myung, who has been on a hunger strike in protest against what he called a slew of the Yoon government's policy failures, ended his fasting after more than three weeks, a party official said Saturday.

"Chairman Lee will end the hunger strike on its 24th day and begin treatment for recovery," Kang Sun-woo, a spokesperson for the main opposition Democratic Party, said in a briefing.

"The medical team treating Lee strongly called for Lee to call off the hunger strike as continuing it would have severely hurt his health," Kang said, adding that Lee is willing to carry out his work schedule in consultation with the medical staff.

On Thursday, the National Assembly voted to endorse the motion to lift Lee's immunity to arrest, reflecting a growing division among DP lawmakers, particularly those not aligned with Lee, in anticipation of next year's general elections.

A senior party official has said Lee will not step down as party leader. (Yonhap)




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