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MarCom Logix is a web applications and go-to-market consulting firm for technology product launches. We help high tech companies ideally plan and launch technologies that will inspire innovators and visionaries to create exceptional products. Through a balanced mixed of certified methodologies and web applications development, we deliver compelling business intelligence for ensuring successful product launches.


A summary of the peculiarities of marketing high technology and how the TALC (Technology Adoption Life-Cycle) model is widely accepted as an industry standard to illustrate technology adoption.


Let us brief you on our solutions for marketing high-tech products and innovations.


In simple terms, why should you talk to us for your high-tech marketing needs and what makes us different from our competitors.


Browse through our business portfolio and case studies of how companies have leveraged their product launches with our expertise.


An executive summary of our business and a number of ways you can initiate contact with MarCom Logix.


MarCom Logix is constantly looking for great talent with passion for marketing high-tech and outstanding teamwork abilities. Let us know if we just described you!


Marketing High-Technology?
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